• Enjoy many gay bars

    Osaka has 2nd largest gay scene in Japan. There are more than 100 gay bars in Osaka, which are distributed in three areas: Kita (Doyama), Minami (Namba), Shin Sekai.

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  • Explore Lively City

    Speaking of the image of Osaka in Japan, the atmosphere that is full of humanity and vibrancy, full of laughter at the Kansai dialect.

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  • Osaka Gay Scene

    Osaka is known for having a tight yet diverse community, and there are a multitude of bars and spots to hang out at that are almost too numerous to count.

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  • Osaka Recommended Places

    You have been to Osaka Castle, eaten okonomiyaki, and been shopping in Ame-mura? Well, I think you are ready for some lesser-known delights of Osaka. If you are here for a few days, here are my recommendations.

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  • Pride festival held in Oct.

    In Osaka, a pride festival & parade called "Rainbow Festa!" is held every October.

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  • Your essential gay travel guide to Osaka

    Do you want to know why they really call Osaka the Kitchen of Japan? It’s because once you see all of those scrumptious boys wandering about the city, you will be left hungry for more!

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