• A creative force for CHANGE!

    The creative energy here inspires change, creating innovation and motivation for everyone.

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  • A great city to stay out and proud!

    Osaka is more and more becoming a friendly and welcoming place for LGBTQ+ people, so as an openly gay man I feel more and more comfortable being out and proud as gay.

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  • Delicious! (the Food & People)

    I live in Kobe nearby, but I come into Osaka for two things: the food (like the cafes, restaurants, and especially the ramen) and the parties! Osaka has a lot of great things, but those are the two things get me to come visit all the time.

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  • Friendly, fun and foodie!!

    I think the people of Osaka are friendly, especially the foreign community. It’s fun, you can go to any place and you’ll find something that’s happening.

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  • The Heartbeat of Japan

    Osaka to me feels like a second home. Tokyo may be the capital, but Osaka feels like the heart of Japan.

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