Enjoy many gay bars

Osaka has 2nd largest gay scene in Japan.
There are more than 100 gay bars in Osaka, which are distributed in three areas: Kita (Doyama), Minami (Namba), Shin Sekai.  Doyama area (Like Shinjuku 2chome in Tokyo) has many gay  bars concentrate, gay club, there are adult shop, host bar, sauna, center for HIV prevention enlightenment, etc. Gay night on every weekend at the gay club with various themes are held, and a lot of drag queen, GOGO BOY, DJ are active. Minami and the Shin Sekai's gay bar are scattered in a noticeable manner in the city, many middle-aged and elderly customers.

When you honor the history of Osaka's gay scenes, its innovation will come to light.
Firstly, in the 1950s, "Takeonoya Ryokan" opened in Nishinari of Osaka, which became the origin of Japanese "Cruising Spot".
In 1989, Japan's first (also Japan's oldest and longest-lived )drag queen party "DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER" started at the club in Osaka (It moved to Kyoto and still continuing now.). This is starting from where Mr. Teiji Furuhashi, performance group "dump type" knew Drag Queen at NY's gay club and brought back the culture back to Japan (note that Mr. Furuhashi Teiji is passed away in AIDS in 1995, during legendary performance "S / N " that went around 15 countries abroad)
In 1999, a large party "DIVA JAPAN" was held for the first time in Osaka (We guess it was conscious of Wigstock in NY), where the drag queen gathered from all over Japan and will showcase one after another

We do not know if the tradition of upper culture and the vibrancy of the city of Osaka are related to such advanced nature, the enthusiasm for the advancement, but the gay community of Osaka (mainly in Kansai) will definitely create a good culture same as Tokyo.
If you come to Osaka, please enjoy the bustlingness of the gay bar and the warm atmosphere. Also, if it is a weekend, we recommend an event held at a gay club such as "EXPLOSION" (Gay night will be held in a bigger number several times a year.) Please check EVENT page.

There are about 10 lesbian bars in Osaka, and several women's only parties are also held. There is also a showpub where the MtF transgender is open for straight, a bar where the FtM guests serve, and a bar of the LGBT MIX.

Regardless of gender or sexuality, it can be said to the whole of Japan, but there are not many shops that can respond in foreign languages. This site introduces an English available bar (Please check BAR page)