Explore Lively City

Speaking of the image of Osaka in Japan, the atmosphere that is full of humanity and vibrancy, full of laughter at the Kansai dialect.  There are many funny people who acts comedy focusing on the interactions between a “funny man” and a “straight man” naturally with big laugh.

Also, they are city of a merchant who loves "flour" such as okonomiyaki and takoyaki, and is symbolized by the conversation "Making profit margin" "Bank dan". Anyway, it is quite different from Tokyo.

One of the Osaka-like tourist attractions is “Shin Sekai” area. Symbolic Tower of Tsutenkaku, Japanese pub with a huge puffer papier mache hanging in the air, and shopping districts where eating dishes at small shops such as kushikatsu (Deep fried skewers) are showing bustling.

In a sense, this area creates a jumble, Asian-style atmosphere.
(Actually, there are a lot of deep GAY VENUE in this area)

Also, USJ(Universal Studio Japan) and Osaka Castle (the building is new as it is a reconstructed castle), big shopping/entertainment area “Dotonbori” are standard sightseeing spots.

Apart from Osaka that everyone imagines, there are places like gay people who are filled with hidden places, aesthetic sense and education.
For example, if you go to Nakanoshima, you can experience the historical and cultural atmosphere of the National Museum of Art, the central public hall and other retro buildings, rose gardens and more. There are world class level museum such as Toyo Ceramics Art Museum and Nakanoshima Kaetsuki Art Museum. I bet you will not get tired of having a day in there.
Further more, there is Osaka municipal art museum in Tennoji area, Ukiyoe pavilion in Dotonbori area.

We also recommend the Asuka Museum, which is the core cultural facility of nearby “Chikatsu Asuka”, a treasure trove of ancient tombs, which is also called the ruins museum entire area. "Towers of the Hades" is designed by Ando Tadao – world famous Japanese architect.

If you go to the Expo Park in Suita area, there is the "Tower of the Sun" famous for Japan's proud artist Taro Okamoto and it is now possible to view the interior.

Osaka originally flourished from the Edo era by the upper culture. Ukiyo-e painting called upper drawing was also produced, and upper Kabuki and Bunraku (Traditional puppet theater) were popular as well. The upper literature such as "Sonezaki Shinju(The love suicides at Sonezaki)" of Chikamatsu Monzaemon and Irihara Saikakura "Koshoku Ichidaiotoko (Life of an Amorous Man)" are also famous.

Lastly, as said in the word "Kyoto people ate extravagant in dress, Osaka people in food", Osaka is a city of food. There are "Umaimon (Tasty) shop" from side to side all the way, starting from a fine-dining traditional Japanese restaurant, to Okonomiyaki shop behind alleys and standing eating udon noodles. Please eat lots of delicious foods in Osaka!