"LGBTQ-Friendly City, Osaka" Ads Take Over Japan

Keep an eye out in Japan for some special ads!

The Japan Six Sheet Award is an annual outdoor advertisement design competition that calls upon aspiring and professional graphic designers alike to contribute still or moving ad designs among several different themes. For the most recent competition, the Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau submitted one such theme, "LGBTQ-Friendly City, Osaka." The category received dozens of inspiring and creative submissions ranging from subtle to vibrant.

Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau Award Winner

The Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau selected a winner out of the submissions to the LGBTQ theme, and additionally out of all of categories the Gold Award was given to a submission under "LGBTQ-Friendly City, Osaka." Both winning designs will be featured on bus stop billboards in major cities across Japan for a limited time in February 2024, so try to spot one!

Gold Award Winner


See other winning designs and finalists here (in Japanese):