A dynamic melting pot

How long have you been in Osaka?
I’ve been in Osaka for about six months. Before coming here, I was living in the US, but I had lived in Ishikawa and Nagoya before. I had always thought Osaka was a wonderful place to visit.

How/ why did you end up in Osaka?
Work brought me to Osaka. I was offered a job here, and I was really excited to accept it.

What do you like about living in Osaka?
Osaka is a very large, metropolitan, and comfortable city. It has efficient transportation and beautiful views, but I think what sets it apart is the people. The people are incredibly friendly, they are always interested in people who are different.

What does Osaka mean to you? Why did you choose to write your message on the board, that your Osaka is “a dynamic melting pot?”
For me, it means that Osaka is a place that is accepting of differences: different cultures, different backgrounds, different nationalities, and we all come together and have an Osaka identity and pride living in the city.

What does LGBTQ Osaka mean to you?
For me, LGBTQ Osaka means getting to know new people, especially for people who want to get to know Osaka. As an American, I recommend places like Doyama [Osaka’s gay district] as great places to go out and meet people. The concept of a gay bar here is different than in the United States, so my recommendation is to try and do a little research, talk to locals, and get a recommendation for a smaller and cozier environment. I only recently moved to Osaka, but I’ve been to Doyama a few times now, at some of the smaller bars around there.

Do you have any recommended spots in Osaka, queer or not?
Some of my favorite spots in Osaka are Nakanoshima, as well as Kitahama on the riverside. It has beautiful views, great cafes, and great restaurants for the daytime, and at night, we go out to Doyama!

Do you have any advice for LGBTQ travelers coming to Japan and Osaka?
People are friendly, so try to learn some of the local phrases and understand the local culture, but mostly try and fun! I said it before, but Doyama is a great place for LGBTQ travelers to meet locals.