A place full of ADVENTURES

Osaka is a place where there is a lot to discover. There are a lot of small places I’ve never been to that surprise me every day. As someone who doesn’t speak Japanese well, especially going to new restaurants where the menu is all in Japanese is an adventure. 

I started living in Osaka because my job with a hotel brand placed me here. I have been living in Osaka now for 5 years, which is longer than I expected because two of my previous jobs were only for one year at a time. Some of the things that kept me here are the safety, and the food (I’ve gained 10 kg since moving to Japan!) Osaka is a chill place and I love living here.

Recently I’ve been going to sento, the smaller bathhouses in Japan. They’ve surprised me because I used to just to go the big chain spa public baths to relax, but recently I go to the small ones because I find them interesting and fun to discover. My favorite right now is the Nobeha no Yu in Tsuruhashi.