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Protection of Personal Information (Privacy Policy)

In the advanced information and communications society today, we acknowledge the importance of protecting personal information. Therefore, the Bureau declares appropriate handling of personal information as its basic policy and is committed to the protection of personal information by following the rules mentioned bellow.

  1. Compliance with the law
    The Bureau will abide by the "Act on the Protection of Personal Information" (Law No.57. 2003) as well as other regulations and codes relating to personal information, including guidelines set by relevant government ministries and agencies.
  2. Acquisition of personal information
    The Bureau will collect personal data by fair means and abide by the relevant laws.
  3. Usage of personal information
    (1)The usage of the personal information will strictly be limited to those mentioned at the time of collection and purposes that are reasonably relevant and needed to execute the work.
    (2)If and when the Bureau should share the collected personal information with a certain individual/group or outsource any of the information to an agent, the Bureau will supervise and take proper measures to ensure appropriate handling of the information.
  4. Disclosure of the purpose of usage
    The Bureau will inform or disclose to the individual, the purpose of collecting personal information in any case other than those stated in the law.
  5. Providing collected personal information to a third party
    In situations other than those stated in the law, the Bureau prohibits providing the collected information to a third part without the approval of the individual.
  6. Handling Personal Information
    (1) The Bureau will maintain the accuracy and safety of the up-to-date information. Moreover, it will take appropriate measures to safeguard the collected personal information from leakage, loss, damage, tampering and any other unauthorized disclosure.
    (2) The Bureau assigns the Head of the General Affairs Team as the person responsible for managing the collected personal information and will take appropriate measures to properly manage the personal information.
  7. Disclosure, correction, suspension of usage and cancellation
    The Bureau will promptly reply to any requests concerning disclosure, correction, suspension of usage and cancellation of personal information from the party itself.
  8. Establishment and enforcement of Personal Information Protection Regulations
    To enforce the Personal Information Protection Policy, the Bureau will establish a Personal Information Protection Compliance Program. The information will be spread through training and education programs and be of common knowledge among all personnel of the Bureau. It will continuously be improved to maintain its quality





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  • 記載されている目的以外に合法的に複製された資料を使用することは禁止されています。
  • 法的な複製の範囲内であっても、変更またはその他の変更を行うことはできません。




  1. 法律の遵守
  2. 個人情報の取得
  3. 個人情報の利用
  4. 使用目的の開示
  5. 収集した個人情報の第三者への提供
  6. 個人情報の取り扱い
  7. 開示、訂正、使用停止およびキャンセル
  8. 個人情報保護規則の制定と施行